You Just Found Your New Favorite Restaurant

Stop by our local food truck in Killeen, TX

Tired of getting the same boring dish at chain restaurants? Don't have time to cook something for yourself? No problem! Mama Coach's Kitchen is here to satisfy your every craving. We're a local food truck based in Killeen, TX run by a chef with over 30 years of kitchen experience. When you eat with us, you're guaranteed a fantastic meal that'll leave you wanting to come back ASAP.

Looking for food you know your family will love? Stop by Mama Coach's Kitchen now for lunch!

We serve the classics

What are you hankering for? Our kitchen sells amazing classics everyone can love. From beef tacos to Mexican street corn, we have the mouthwatering food you've been searching for.

You'll also appreciate that we:

  • Provide catering services for 10+ people
  • Have amazing lunch specials
  • Sell appetizers, entrees and desserts
Stop by our restaurant for irresistible food today.

A little loyalty goes a long way

When you come to us for delicious local food, you show loyalty that we appreciate. Enroll in our customer-friendly loyalty program when you return. Members of our loyalty program receive rewards once they've spent $50 at our restaurant.

After that, you receive one dollar of credit for every five you spend. That means if you keep visiting, you'll receive free desserts or even entire meals. We take care of our regulars. Ask our servers about joining the club when you visit us today.